NWA 12927 Diogenite Meteorite

Fall / Find: Found 2016
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Diogenite
Total Known Weight: 3.8 kg

NWA 12927 is a Diogenite type meteorite found in Mauritania. A single stone of NWA 12927 weighing 3.8 kilograms was purchased in 2016. The exterior of NWA 12927 has a desert weathered appearance. The interior of the meteorite as seen on cut or broken surfaces is a coarse grained texture of dark brown clasts set in a yellow brown matrix. NWA 12927 is an attractive colorful meteorite.

NWA 12927 diogenite is an equilibrated orthopyroxenenite with 95% pyroxene and minor amounts of augite, chromite and iron oxide. No olivine or plagioclase feldspar were found in NWA 12927. It is moderately shocked and moderately weathered.

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