Morasko Iron Meteorite

Morasko Iron MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1941
Location: Poznan, Poland
Classification: Iron, IAB-MG
Total Known Weight: 290 kg

The first of the Morasko meteorite specimens from Poland was discovered in 1914 by a German soldier. The specimen weighing 77.5 kgs was taken to Berlin. It was later returned to the Poznan Collection. Many other masses of this iron meteorite have been found and continue to be found. The strewnfield of the Morasko meteorite contains craters ranging from 25m to 60m in diameter that were at first thought to be the impact pits of large masses. However, fragments of meteorite were found around the pits but no large masses were found within the craters. The meteorites display a coarse Widmanstätten structure when etched. Some specimens however show reheated granular structure and shock features strongly suggestive that Morasko was a crater forming meteorite event. Morasko is not a commonly seen meteorite for sale in well prepared slices.

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