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Kapoeta Howardite Meteorite

Kapoeta Howardite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall – April 22, 1942
Location: South Sudan
Classification: Howardite
Total Known Weight: 11.36 Kg

The Kapoeta meteorite was observed to fall on the evening of April 22, 1942. A meteorite stone weighing 11.355 kilograms fell onto a road in Sudan. Kapoeta is a rare type of meteorite called a Howardite. Howardites are the H in the HED family of achondrite meteorites that may have as their source the asteroid Vesta.

Howardites are composed of eucrite and diogenite pieces and are the debris of impacts that have lithified into new stone. Kapoeta is not often seen for sale and is a great fall to add to any collection.

Kapoeta Meteorite For Sale

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