Javanite Tektites

Javanite (Java) Tektites For Sale

Javanite tektites are part of the Indochinite strewnfield. The island of Java contains Indochinite tektites with unique texture and appearance. They are members of the Indochinite family of tektites and originated in the same impact event but they are generally small and very different in outward appearance. Javanites are often deeply pitted and sometime spiky in shape. They are not common and there are not large numbers of Javanite tektites available to the collecting market. They are black in color like all indochinites. Debate continues as to how much a part the chemical environment that the glass has been in has played in shaping their outward appearance. For example, does very acid soil actually eat up the glass to create the sharp and deeply pitted forms that are found in only certain places? This might explain why certain tektites are so different in appearance, like the Javanites. Another possibility for the difference is that they have slightly different chemistry which make them more sensitive to etchants in the soil and ground water. Whatever the reasons this rare subgroup of indochinites makes a great specimen in any serious tektite collection.

These specimens are from the “Darryl Futrell Collection of Tektites”.

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