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Grapevine Mesa CBa Meteorite

Grapevine Mesa CBa MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2021
Location: Arizona, USA
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CBa)
Total Known Weight: 550g

The Grapevine Mesa meteorite was found by meteorite hunters hunting for gold with metal detectors near Meadview, Arizona on Grapevine Mesa in February of 2021. Three stones were found with the metal detectors which weighed together 252 grams. With further searching a total of 550.3 grams was the meteorite was recovered. Grapevine Mesa is classified as a CB type carbonaceous chondrite.

Grapevine Mesa stones have a rusty exterior with some remaining patches of fusion crust. Slices made from Grapevine Mesa show rounded to angular silicate inclusions accompanied by rounded to anhedral metal grains. The metal of Grapevine Mesa closely resembles the meteorite Bencubbin. Grapevine Mesa has been placed in the subgroup A (CBa) of the Bencubbin-like Carbonaceous Chondrites.

Grapevine Mesa Meteorite Information

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