Here you find rare & unusual gem crystals & minerals & collector gemstones from Burma and Vietnam! Serendibite, Painite, Trapiche Sapphire and Ruby, Phenakite, Spinel & much more.
Your gold store for high quality gold nuggets and specimens. We specialize in rare gold nuggets and specimens.
Large selection of Minerals and Fossils, Eggs and Spheres, Fossil Replicas and Carvings. All which are great for collecting, displaying and decoration.
Rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals, artifacts, jewelry, crafts, books, CDs. A family business since 1952.
Features the complete Finney Collection of Meteorites photograph and description database as well as other useful reference materials for any meteorite collector
Meteorites for Sale by Meteorite Finder - Specializing in Iron Meteorites
Minerals websites directory, links to rock, mineral and gemstone sites. Uses Ascreen, ThumShots, Alexa and Thumbzor technologies.
mo's meteorites offers a broad variety of high quality meteorites. These consist of rare planetary and historical meteorites as well as beautifully prepared pallasites, irons and chondrites for the professional and the beginning collector.
I have been a collector of Minerals and Fossils for many years with an interest in most of the Earth Sciences. I in no way claim to be an expert in any of these fields. In 2003 my wife and I started selling Minerals at Shows and still do. Now with this site we hope to get a little more involved in this fascinating hobby.
Handmade Handcrafted Wire Jewelry, Pendants, Wire is Gold filled and Sterling Silver with Gemstones and Cabochons. Free gift with jewelry purchase.
Now listing over 300 Astronomy Businesses on the Internet.

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